The Voyage

On one of our Sailing voyages in the Pacific North West we noticed our dogs having an unpleasant time having to deal with the direct sunlight and heat while in port or just lounging on the boat topside.  My Mom now chief dog coat engineer decided to remedy this problem and developed these nautical dog coats to help shield our dogs from the direct rays of the sun.  We have found that they work very well for this purpose and at the same time being very durable.  Purposely engineered with a light color and also loose fitting allowing air flow underneath so to not trap the heat.  My dog benefited enormously, being mostly black was a solar heat generating magnet prior to being outfitted with a sail coat.  I can say he has very much appreciated the coat.

Nautical Novelty

Made from retired sails that have been weathered from prior sailing voyages; making each sail coat unique and with the extreme durability sailing cloth.